We  are  very  excited to announce
the purchase of one of our  longest standing suppliers; Synergy Pacific has manufactured  our  RealPost & RealCorner  since  the  product line
was  developed  over  fifteen  years ago.  They've  manufactured  these products   and   others   under   the  QuattroTimber brand name.  

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We are a high quality producer of a broad line of pre-finished building products for multi-family, commercial and custom home projects
over North America.  With  industry leading warranties up to 30 years and stringent quality standards on every product, our partners
on us to provide an exceptional product.  We're  a dependable  supplier with notable distribution channels across North America.
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The corner stone to our company's growth and
success has been innovation. We  always  push the  envelope  and  work  with  architects  and designers to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of the latest home trends and styles.





We  make  innovative  finishing  products  and  provide services that
make  homes  look great. We proudly stand behind our products, we live up to our promises, and quite simply, we're just good people to partner with. That's the Woodtone Way.





Being  a  "Green"  company  isn't  as  simple  as   
fitting  into  a  check box; it's much more than that.  For  Woodtone,  being   environmentally friendly   means   not   only   using  sustainable products, but making the best quality, longest lasting products we can.