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What makes us different

Our wide range of product and service offerings allows all of our partners the ability to earn more on their projects by choosing the specific Woodtone products and services that suit your needs. Whether you are a builder looking for customized solutions and elevated curb appeal, or a wholesaler/distributor looking for a product that is reliable and available, we are capable of delivering. 

Our partners can count on us. We do what we say we are going to do. The products we deliver consistently live up to, and exceed, partner expectations. We have a rare commitment to relationships and a unique approach to sales. We are a fun and enthusiastic team who are committed to being there, in the field with our partners, to help solve their challenges and provide the best value. 

We Raise Quality Standards 

We Drive Innovation 

We Set the Bar High 

We've invested in a state of the art laboratory that tests our products for film thickness, adhesion, color matching and more. These tools help us to provide a consistent and repeatable product. Our dedicated quality management staff work with production, perfecting our coating techniques and equipment on an ongoing basis.  The cornerstone to our company's growth and success has been innovation. We always push the envelope in terms of our next products. We work with architects, designers and industry experts on a regular basis to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of the latest home trends and styles. 
Whether it's the products we're selling or the customer experience as a whole, we don't take short cuts. We do what we say we're going to do. Our products do what we say they're going to do. We don't mess around. You deserve the best, and we're going to give it to you. 

Where we came from

The year was 1989 and Jim Young had found an opportunity. Located just east of Vancouver, Woodtone was in the long standing business of custom coating exterior wood siding. Jim bought the business and started a legacy that continues to grow to this day. Jim’s oldest boys, Kevin & Chris, were still teenagers at the time, so you can imagine that wood siding and paint wasn’t all that compelling compared to sports and the big adventures University could offer, so the business wasn’t of much interest to the younger generation back then. 

Fortunately, for Jim (and his kids), he wasn’t an approval-seeking kind of guy. He just went to work on his vision to grow Woodtone beyond its traditional roots of custom staining and developed a line of building materials that could be used across North America. With his knowledge of the construction industry, his tremendous energy, and a new plan, Woodtone was reinvigorated. 

Early on, Jim and his team noticed that there were many holes in the exterior finishings industry -- products that didn’t exist; products that didn’t last; and products that weren’t easy to install. So the team started innovating. By the early 90’s our bright, enthusiastic team had added new products that had never been offered in our industry. We were making people’s lives easier and their homes more dependable — we were getting noticed. Our dedication to innovation is one of the elements that continues to help us stand out from the competition. 

At the same time, Woodtone was amassing a solid, experienced team that had become a carefully chosen family. We were becoming known for our people and our unmatched commitment to service and delivery as well as our outstanding products and services. 

We became the team that suppliers and builders wanted to see on their jobsites -- guys you could talk to about your challenges, guys you could count on. 

The combination of outstanding products and people paid off in three ways. Firstly, business was booming. When Jim Young met the owner of Quality Machine Staining (QMS) a complimentary business just south of the border near Seattle, he knew that if Woodtone were to acquire QMS it would give us access to bigger things…bigger dreams… the Pacific Northwest. So, in 1995, QMS was acquired and Woodtone grew. In the 12 years that followed, we added more new products and continued to grow, until we found ourselves serving many areas of Canada and the U.S.; areas that we still serve successfully today. 

The second pay-off was that all the excitement compelled Jim’s sons to join his chosen family of tried and true employees, partners and customers. Jim’s son Kevin started in sales and eventually took over the US plant adding to his strong skills in operations management and pushing him into a leadership role. It was only a few years later that son Chris joined the team, backed with an MBA and experience in acquiring and running businesses of his own. Woodtone was now a family business in every sense of the word. Lastly, in 2003, the acquisition of Pacific Custom Stain (PCS) outside Vancouver further built upon our expertise in custom coating. PCS was a specialist in custom coating, having the knowledge and equipment that gave us the flexibility we needed to expand our presence in that segment of the marketplace. 

More recently, we’ve built 2 new state of the art manufacturing facilities and further developed our equipment and expertise. In doing so, we’ve also added a number of new products and expanded our range of services. We continue to spend as much time as possible on job-sites to constantly learn about customer pain points and how we can solve them to deliver a deeper level of value. Because of the deep level of trust we develop with our customers business is still often done with a handshake. It’s a highly personal touch that is typical of everything we do. 

At Woodtone, we’ve achieved many great things, including establishing systems to ‘green’ the company in every aspect. We’re dedicated to making the best quality, longest lasting products we can and leave the earth better than how we found it. We continue to strengthen our culture through our Community Builders Team which encourages team engagement helping our community and environment. We are inspired by our children and each day we ask, “What little thing can we do today to make things even better?”, because Woodtone will be our legacy, too. 

Our vision for Woodtone is to grow and develop our people and our systems to ever increase the value we deliver. We are committed to building a sustainable future, carry on the tradition of family and a community-wide legacy of excellence and innovation that respects the past and creates the future. Our story is about family and children, ours and yours, and providing them not just beautiful homes, but also a sustainable future in business and in life.  

What we believe in

Relationships first. 

At Woodtone, relationships come first. We work with people we like and who share our values. Woodtone is "a place where everyone knows your name".

Everything we build, we build to last. 

Every decision we make at Woodtone considers our present and our future. We strongly believe that sustainability is paramount for our company and our community. We each take responsibility for preserving this legacy for proud generations to come.

Trust is an action. 

Our customers, team members, and partners trust us to always deliver excellence and live up to our word.

Innovate a better future. 

At Woodtone, we’re passionate about innovation and about delivering a better product and a better future. Everyday, in everything we do, we ask ourselves, “What can we do differently to make things even better?” 

Woodtone is a proud family business. 

Woodtone’s history is rooted in family. Our team, our partners, and our customers are all a part of the Woodtone family. We take pride in how we support each other in business and in life. 

Bring your enthusiasm. 

We’re proud to be a high-energy, enthusiastic team that our suppliers and customers want to spend time with. We work hard, we play hard and we have fun.