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SHIPLAP Wall & Ceiling Collection by Woodtone

Shiplap is a refined classic. Create a beautiful, healthy wood interior with the natural warmth of real, sustainable wood. The classic shiplap appearance has been reimagined with superior product features. This exceptional product arrives factory coated with white primer, ready for onsite top coating in the color of your choice. Your home, your way. 

1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap

Why Choose Shiplap by Woodtone?

A distinctive interior look sets this product apart

Tongue and groove profile makes installation simple 

Engineered clear pine substrate created an unmatched appearance

Primed and ready for your chosen top coat finishing onsite


Fireplace accent wall

Sleek kitchen shiplap paneling

Shiplap bedroom accent wall

Replace drywall with shiplap

Product Specifications

Shiplap by Woodtone is created from a natural wood substrate, and therefore must be acclimatized inside for 5-7 days prior to installation. This product is for interior installation only, no exterior applications are recommended. A finish coat must also be applied to product onsite. 

Nominal Dimensions   Actual Dimensions
  Pack Size (pcs/pack)
1x6   11/16 x 5 3/8
1x8   11/16 x 7 1/8    168       

For more inspiration, visit our Home Visualizer to brings your dreams to life. Ready to order samples? Click here

1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap Painted Dark Gray
1x8 Shiplap Painted Light Gray1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap
1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap
1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap1x8 Shiplap

The colors represented here may vary from actual product. Prior to placing an order, please ensure you've seen and approved physical samples of the product you're looking for. 

Photo Gallery:

1x6 Texas Honey Brown1x6 English Porter1x6 Texas Honey Brown
1x6 English Porter1x6 American Nut Brown1x6 Belgian White Ale1x6 Canadian Ice Lager
1x6 English Porter1x6 Texas Honey Brown